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About WirelessG the Company

The Company:

Founded in 2002, WirelessG has established itself as one of the most leading global pioneers in Wi-Fi Internet technology, offering customers unparalleled and affordable global and local roaming capabilities, thus providing South African consumers Internet connectivity at over 2000 integrated Wi-Fi Hotspots.

Wi-Fi Hotspots within the WirelessG network include shopping malls, restaurants, reputable franchise and hotel chains, major airports, on-board domestic flights and more. Internationally, WirelessG Wi-Fi can also be used at over 100,000 integrated Wi-Fi hotspots.

WirelessG is also proud to be the first company in South Africa to have successfully launched the “G-Connect In-Flight Wi-Fi” service on 8 May 2012, as an integral part of its Internet Service Provider division, G-Connect.

What is Wi-Fi Internet?

Wi-Fi refers to Wireless Internet Access. Wi-Fi hotspot refers to Wireless Internet access locations such as Hotels, Shopping malls, Airports, Aircrafts, Coffee shops and more.

At each Wi-Fi hotspot, there are wireless Internet signals where devices such as Smartphone’s, Laptops and Tablets can search, identify and connect to these wireless Internet signals without the use of any external gadget or Internet device.

Where is the nearest Wi-Fi Hotspot?

There could be one just down the road, Search here

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