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Get a Wi-Fi Hotspot


G-Connect's solution offers customers unparalleled and affordable global and local roaming capabilities, empowering users to connect in South Africa at over 2000 integrated G-Connect Wi-Fi Hotspots. Hotspots within our network include all the major airports, shopping malls, restaurants and the renowned Peermont Group to mention but a few.

The benefits of making your venue a G-Connect Wi-Fi Hotspot

The High Speed Internet Access solution will enhance the Venue Provider's competitive positioning in South Africa and the global market and by offering Internet access as part of an inclusive service which has become a basic product expectation.

  • Customised and easy to use interface (landing page),
  • Unique billing engine,
  • Vouchers will be available for resell through a Voucher Distribution System,
  • Revenue Share payable to Venue Provider (Model dependent),
  • Venue provider branding on a customised landing page,
  • Dedicated Account management,
  • Proven track record with more than 8 years experience in the Wi-Fi industry,
  • Management of Authentication, Authorization and Accounting services of end-user account holders,
  • Provision the user with various billing options at the Hotspot,
  • An open roaming model allows users to access the service at the venue, e.g. allowing International and local users to immediately connect to the Internet once they enter the venue,
  • Revenue Share is offered to the venue owner to be able to generate an income from their customers end usage.

Hotspot Life Cycle Process

  1. Venue Provider Hotspot request Received (Lead)
  2. Wi-Fi Solution Proposal
  3. Acceptance Process
  4. Hotspot Installation / Commissioning Process
  5. Hand Over and Training Process
  6. Hotspot Live
Hotspot Life Cycle Process

User Internet Access Process

  1. User Enables Wi-Fi Device
  2. User Access Hotspot (Landing Page)
  3. Payment via Credit Card or Access Voucher
  4. User Internet Connection Established, Access your E-Mails and Surf the Web
User Internet Access Process

The available solutions

Small Hotspots

Small Hotspots

G-Connect offers owners of Coffee Shops, B&Bs and small hotels a simple, easy to use system for providing Internet access to guests. We will provide you with fast, secure and affordable wireless Internet connectivity to suit all of your customers’ needs. The installation, management and billing of this system will all be handled by G-Connect, therefore less hassle for you. We also provide the hardware and bandwidth to your establishment, and we can also provide you with @Ease vouchers for sale to your guests.


Large Hotspots

Small Hotspots

G-Connect also offers a Wi-Fi Hotspot solution for larger venues that need Wi-Fi access in more than one area i.e. hotels, airports, etc. Suitable venues for this solution will generally have various entertainment or event rooms such as conference rooms, restaurant/dining areas or business centres that all require wireless Internet connectivity. The guest/delegate/customer will be able to access the Internet in any of the areas within the establishment by making use of a voucher that he/she can purchase at the venue or online. We will ensure that your guests/customers are able to conveniently connect to the Internet whilst visiting your premises.


Events and Conferences

Small Hotspots

G-Connect provides a Wi-Fi Hotspot solution where internet connectivity is imperative for your guests and delegates. G-Connect provides the internet connection through a number of customised connectivity options optimised for your guests and delegates. In addition G-Connect provides an onsite technician on the day or the full duration of the event as well as configuration and monitoring of Wi-Fi equipment.




The Free-to-Guest product is a unique Wi-Fi solution specifically catering to Hotels, Lodges, Guest Houses, B&B’s or any venue that wants to add value to the guest’s overall experience/stay. By implementing the Free-to-Guest product you will enable your guests to access the Internet at no cost, limited to the structure applied by the venue. You will be able to customise your Wi-Fi offering in terms of the bandwidth you make available, to cater to your clientele’s specific needs by choosing one of the various options available. Once the allocated bandwidth amount has expired the guest can purchase vouchers online to continue using the Internet.



Small Hotspots

Another cost-effective Wi-Fi solution aimed at the hospitality industry is our Beaming Option. Here Wi-Fi coverage is provided through the non-intrusive placement of equipment on the exterior of the premises. Wi-Fi access beams are provided in 60 to 70 percent of the establishment allowing your guests wireless Internet access throughout most areas.


G-Connect’s differentiators

Customer Care Centre

G-Connect has a National Customer Care Centre. This Centre has direct links to the technical engineer on call and provides our customers with the assurance that there will always be technical support at hand.

Billing Platform

Our Billing platform truly enables total transparency, therefore providing users with technology that is easy to use and provides converged accounting and billing services. The platform also allows for real time billing and support services. The platform integrates and accounts the following entities:

  • a prepaid voucher;
  • an on-line credit card payment option;
  • a current account facility with any billing channel such as a Telco, a GSM provider or an ISP with which G-Connect has a channel agreement;
  • a G-Connect customer account;
  • and/or alternative payment methods that may become relevant.

G-Connect In-flight Wi-Fi

In 2012 G-Connect's launched G-Connect In-flight Wi-Fi. G-Connect In-flight Wi-Fi is an access solution which will enable users and aircraft crew to connect to the Internet according to their various needs during flights. We will exclusively utilise the In-flight technology throughout the African continent

Voucher Distribution System (VDS)

G-Connect's Voucher Distribution System allows you to issue vouchers to your clients. The system is designed to allow the venue to assign specific rights to various users (employees), from performing the most basic tasks such as printing a voucher to administrative tasks such as voucher re-order and reporting. This system gives comprehensive daily reporting which the venue can use for various accounting and auditing purposes. Voucher Distribution System is web based and any user can get access to the Logon Page via a Secure Socket Layer (SSL) page on the Internet. The webpage can be accessed via any dedicated PC. A thermal printer is connected to this PC to enable printing of the vouchers. Various voucher denominations is available to be ordered via the VDS.

Marketing and Branding

  • Hotspot Landing Page at each venue, banners can be changed every quarter.
  • Wi-Fi Helpdesk IVR message
  • Physical collateral (Pull up banners, table tents, stickers, etc.) can be placed on a visible location to indicate that the venue is a G-Connect Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Other marketing opportunities can be explored.

G-Connect's solution is built on state-of-the-art technology and outstanding customer service. G-Connect will provide all the aspects of high speed Internet access through the Wi-Fi Hotspot, allowing the Venue Provider to focus on its core business.